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Microsat Pages

Norsat no longer carries the Microsat 150. I have made arrangements to make the remaining Microsats and some Microsat information available.

Related Pages

Back to the Future for Private Satellite Networks
A magazine article about private satellite networks featuring the technology of
the Microsat 150.
CompuServe's Web
Norsat also has technical support on Compuserve. To get to the Norsat support area, GO NORSAT. Or contact Norsat Tech Support at 74777,2363 (


File Updates

Microsat 150 Version 1.03.6
Improved tolerance to faulty 16550 UARTS, Improved Spectrum Analyst, data logging, and other minor improvements.
This is an interim update.
Dish Installer Version 1.3
The version 1.3 Update fixes some problems that users with
certain dish types, particularly in eastern locations, have
experienced with the dish not installing properly.
Satellite Chart Parser (
Reads the South Scanner Satellite Services Chart (not included, see below) and turns it into a File Manager style directory of the sky.
Click on an icon for channel details or double-click to auto-matically tune the channel or subcarrier. Freeware Courtesy of NII Norsat International Inc.
Microsat 150 FAQ (
Answers to frequently asked questions about the Microsat 150, in Windows help format. Includes an abridged version of the Microsat 150 online help, for a look at how many of the features of the Microsat behave.
Robert's Info-files
Check here for the current issue of South Scanner Satellite Services Chart, and other information files from Robert Smathers.
Gary Bourgois' Info-files
Go here to get the latest copy of the Wildfeeds list, Audio list, satellite faq and other files maintained by Gary Bourgois.
Channel Icons (
The current collection of predefined icons for popular channels provided with the Microsat 150.


Satellite / Channel Info

The Satellite TV Page
The Satellite TV Page attempts to bring together all the information resources related to the subject of Satellite Television and Radio scattered about the net..
Robert Smathers' Satellite Page
Home of the South Scanner Satellite Services Chart (SSSSC), and other satellite related information.
The Satellite's Encyclopedia
Home Page for The Satellite's Encyclopedia, a shareware Winhelp hypertext "book" packed full of information about all types of satellites from around the world.
Mr Video Productions Home Page
This site has more information about Paramount and UPN that the Paramount site. Other sci-fi too. Includes satellite information for all Paramount and UPN feeds.
Derek Tobin's Telecommunications Page
Links to satellite information with more emphasis on Europe. Yet another road to follow.
DSS Home Page
Links to information on DSS.
Satellite TV Images
A collection of satellite tv images from arount the world.
satellite feeds (ST:Voyager, ST: Deep Space Nine, Hard Copy, Leeza, ET, etc.)
Searchable index to a lot of information on TV Shows both living and dead.
More Satellite Related Sites...
List of sites with various satellite related information information. They are too numerous to list here! (Yahoo).
Satellite Wildfeed Listing
Wondering when your favorite shows are fed? Check this list for times and channels! Based on the Gary Bourgois wildfeeds list.
Satmaster Satellite Pages
Satellite shareware utilities, and information.


Satellite FTP Sites

Satellite FTP (
Satellite utilities and other programs.
Norsat FTP area
The Norsat FTP area for access to satellite, microsat and update files with or without an HTML navigator.
Microsat FTP
Microsat ftp area. See the "dist" subdirectory for any updated distribution disks.


Broadcasters and Channel Pages

The CBC Homepage
CBC Television on the web.
The CTV Homepage
The CTV Telenision Network.
FOX Broadcasting
Everything you (n)ever wanted to know about Fox but were afraid to ask.
Welcome to PBS
Information on PBS and PBS Shows. Includes current schedule information for PBS satellite schedules for C and Ku.
CBS Television Home Page
CBS Eye on the net. CBS network home page.
United Paramount Network
Another unofficial UPN page. Corporate info and links to shows and other related info.
Mind Extension University (ME/U) Home Page
ME/U offers university telecourses via satellite on satellite G5. These include PCTV from Jones Computer Network.
The fX television network (G7-4 and 5).
Discovery Learning
Discovery (U.S.A.) / TLC's educational project.
Microsoft TV Program Guide
Program guide for Microsoft TV.
C-SPAN Gopher
The cable television industry created C-SPAN (Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network) 13 years ago to provide live, gavel-to-gavel coverage of the U.S. House of Representatives. Since those early days of covering the House, C-SPAN has grown into a combination of networks that provide diverse public affairs programming 24-hours-a-day.
The Warner Brothers Network
The unofficial home page of "The WB", Warner Brother's new network.
Network 1 Information
Network One, a nationional ALTERNATIVE Network.
NewsTalk Television
Newstalk Television's home page. Today's newstalk 24 hours a day, every day.
Satellite/Cable TV Networks/Programming
TV Net's Master list of satellite and cable networks.
ZDTV is a TV channel and integrated website which focuses on computers and the Internet. The shows feature interactive programming with live chat, phone and netcam call-in plus.


Shows and Producers
A daily technology show on Discovery Canada.
CBS News: UTTMlink
Home of CBS Up-To-The-Minute, CBS's overnight news and information show. Includes "The Digital Drive" segment. Includes a summary of the latest (and past) stories about the internet.
Universal cHANnEL
MCA/Universal Television Group's Page. Program and behind-the-scene info on their syndicated and network shows (like seaQuest DSV, Law & Order, Dream On, Vanishing Son, and Hercules -- The Legendary Journeys).
Sony Online
Information on sony pictures television and movies and more.
Paramount Pictures
The official home of UPN and Paramount.
Star Trek: Voyager
The "ultimate" in network sponsored program home pages. Take a "tour" of duty on the starship Voyager. You wake up injured in sickbay and must prove your readyness to return to duty.
As good a place as any to start if you are a Star Trek Fan! There are WAY too many star trek pages to list here!
Jones Computer Network (JCN) Home Page
JCN produces computer related satellite programming such as PCTV for ME/U.
Sunergy Home Page
Sunergy Home Page - satellite television broadcasts, newsletters and whitepapers. Sunergy presents the great minds of the computer industry to a worldwide audience through various electronically based media.
The Mission Impossible Home Page
The Sixties Classic which can be 28 times per week on satellite on fX.


TV Related Sites

TV Picture of the Day
See what this fellow is watching on TV. Has more links to TV related stuff.
Sites with Television Schedules...
List of sites having television schedule information. They are too numerous to list here! (Yahoo).


Satellite Usenet Newsgroups

Full-sized satellite dish, C and Ku analog systems.
Discussions of general technical satellite issues.
Discussion group on the digital satellite cable systems like DSS.


Government et al.

CRTC Home Page
These guys have got to get real! Check out the latest things they want to mess up!
The Canadian Resource Page
An unoficcial list of canadian services.
Open Government
An oxymoron, true, but worth keeping an eye on.


Net Video and Audio

Welcome to Real Audio !
"Real-time" audio while surfing the net. It's not even close to Microsat quality, but it's only by modem.
NASA Television on CU-SeeMe
The "video" equivalent to real audio. Only about 5 MHz less bandwidth than (Microsat Video).
CU-SeeMe Desktop Videoconferencing
Real-time "video" teleconferencing via the internet.
The Computer Program (audio)
Listen to The Computer Program, the radio product of The Computer Paper as audio while you surf the Net.
Internet Phone
Have a voice conversation over IRC. Truly an internet CB!
Another competing web video product.
Desktop Videoconferencing Product Survey
A study of desktop video conferencing products.


Satellite Dealers and Other Retailers

Burnaby Radio
A satellite dealer in Burnaby BC.
Yahoo - Business:Corporations:Telecommunications:Satellite
Companies in the satellite communication business.
Superior Communication, Home Page
On the Go Communications, Inc.
Hobby Corner Satellite


Data / Space Segment Providers

Microspace Communications
Microspace Communications provides satellite FM² audio and data space.
Keystone Communications Home Page
Keystone Communications provides video broadcast and transmission services. Uplinker of occasional video services.
Telesat Canada
Canada's uplink provider. Services and space segment on Anik satellites.


Net Search and Research Tools

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library
Information highway roadmap.
W3 Search Engines
A collection of engines to hunt for info on the web.
Starting Point
Graphical web searcher.


News and Research

The Daily News - Free Internet Sources * Front Page *
Places to find news on the internet.
USA Today on the web. Highlights of news weather and sports, updated daily.
WWW WorldNews Today .. Front Page
Indianapolis, IN, US The Web daily source for news, business, sports, people, entertainment, travel, style and much more. Free service.


Embedded Control

Microchip Technology
The Leading Supplier of RISC Microcontrollers & Serial EEPROM. The place to go for official PIC and Serial EE data.
Andy's PIC Project Page
Lots of PIC and Microcontroler stuff. Rather than duplicate it here, I'll just link to it.
Eric Smith's PIC Projects
A collection of PIC projects and other embedded control information
Custom Conputer Services
C Compiler for the PIC
Circuit Cellar BBS FTPmail File List
FTP Site for Circuit Cellar BBS. The place to go for embedded control stuf!
AMD Home Page
Advanved Micro Devices. Semiconductor data.
Pic programs
A personal web page of David Thomas with a few PIC programs.
Microchip's FTP Site
Application note files, software, etc.
for PIC processors, EEPROM, etc.
FTP Server with PIC Programming tools
This FTP server has files describing a DIY PIC programmer.

PIC Programmers

RS-232 Powered PIC16C84 Programmer
This programmer was originally presented in the PIC discussion list by Eric Hermann.
Collection of PIC programmers


Internet Programming

NCSA HTTPd Home Page
The "official" root of WEB development.


Bare Bones Guide to HTML
This guide, by Kevin Werbach, is a handy, thorough list of HTML tags. Add this to the Sandia list and you have the near perfect reference.
HTML Reference Manual
This Sandia National Laboritories document is the one you've been searching for! A concise reference of all HTML tags, their options, and the versions of HTML which support it. Which are HTML 3.0? Which are Netscape extensions? A must read!
Writing HTML
An online HTML tutorial. A good interactive lesson.

Tools and resources

Internet Resources List
If you can't find it, try looking here.
The Web Developer's Virtual Library
A collection of information you will find essential if you are writing web pages, CGI scripts, server setups etc.
Web Tools
Tools to help in developing web services.
Submit It!
Submit It! is a free service automating the process of submitting your URLs to a variety ofWWW catalogs. Once you've built your web page/site, this page can list it in on over a dozen lists at once!

CGI scripts and tips

The CGI FAQ: Environment Variables
The meanings of the CGI environment variables
Server Push Animation Tips
Examples of how to do Server Push animation.
Web Development Tools
More server push animation tips.

Tips, techniques, and examples

Invented Worlds CGI tips
Handy tips on sound, animation, backgroung design.
Kevin's Home Page
The home page of Kevin Werbach (author of "Bare Bones Guide to HTML"). A place to look in the quest for no-nonsense HTML information.
The Desk Potato Home Page
Do you spend too much time in front of the monitor? Has a demonstration of motion JPEG Netscape animation.


PC and General Programming & Software

Programming Applications
An HTMLed archive of programming tools. One line descriptions.
Graphics viewers, editors, utilities and info
Graphics tools.
Simtel Visual Basic Archive
Tools, VBXs ect to make VB programming easier.
Mirrors in ACC Cyfronet
Single site that mirrors Simtel, Cica, and other shareware, freeware and documentation libraries. Includes a search engine across multiple libraries.
Walnut Creek CDROM Electronic Catalog
The bigest archive of shareware software in the world.
Virtual Software Library
Automaticly search (full pattern matching) through up to six software libraries at a time (from most of the major shareware and freeware libraries). Suggests which mirror is likely to connect easiest and fastest.
Wilson WindowWare Home Page
Shareware software publisher of batch and editing tools for windows.
PC MAG/ ZD 1995 Shareware Awards
A complete listing of PC Magazine's winners, runners-up and other finalists in the 2nd Annual Ziff-Davis Shareware Awards. Read about the winners, then download them!
Directory map of
This is an overview of Microsoft's extensive software library.


Computer Publications and News

Ziff-Davis Publications:

Welcome to ZD net
Ziff-Davis Publications Online. Up-to-the-minute news on computers, communication, and all things cyber (and not-so-cyber).
ZD has and impressive selection of on-line mags, they are listed below.
Ziff Davis Highlights
Top story synopses selected from Ziff Davis various sources.
The Cobb Group
Provides monthly articles from their various power-user guides (plus a list of the articles you don't get to entice you to subscribe).
Computer Gaming World
World-Wide Web edition. Stripped down a bit from its print counterpart, but enhanced with only the web can provide.
Computer Life
World-Wide Web edition. Computer news with a twist of lime.
Computer Shopper
Web version. Imagine a hypertext version of the magazine (or just click).
Inter@ctive Week
World-Wide Web edition. The front-end is a bit heavy on the gratuitous graphics, and the articles are light on cross linking, but has up to the minute news and commentary.
World-Wide Web edition. Well laid out.
World-Wide Web edition, updated weekly. Well hypertexted and laid out.
PC Computing
World-Wide Web edition.
PC Magazine
PC Magazine World-Wide Web edition.
PC Week
PC Week Magazine World-Wide Web edition. Updated weekly with topical information. Well linked.
Windows Sources
Windows information, software, and more.
ZD Benchmark Operation
Benchmarks tests and faq's. You can run the benchmarks against your own equipment to see how it stacks up.
ZDLabs Home Page
Product testing and reports.
Ziff-Davis Europe
Links to french, german, and UK magazines.

Other Publications

TechWeb - CMP Publications online
Other major computer mags on the web. Most of these are comprehensive online versions of their print counterparts. Includes online versions of Communications Week, Computer Reseller, NetGuide
Computer Paper
The launch page of the Computer Paper, a computer and technology monthly newspaper.
Electronic Newsstand Homepage
Browse on-line mag info. Online subscriptions.
Computer News Daily
Daily computer news, features, and reports from the New York Times Syndicate.


Just Stuff

City.Net World Map
Find information about places around the world. A great starting point for the kid's social studies reports.
Windows Demos
A collection of demo versions of many windows programs plus other freebies from a variety of major software companies.