Desk Potato's Special Deals

Never to be one to jump on the same old banner-wagon, instead of the ubiquitous (and often annoying) banner adds, the Desk Potato is trying a different approach. Due to the popularity of this site, the Desk Potato has arranged special deals or discounts on products of interest to fellow desk potatoes.

These are all products that the Desk Potato uses or has evaluated, and which are a great deal as is, or a special discount is provided! If you have a problem with any of these products, let me know and I will consider removing them!

Special Offer - VERY Limited Quantity!

I have obtained the remaining stock of the Microsat 150 Multimedia Satellite Receiver (which I designed) from Norsat and am making them available to wildfeed hunters, an people who want to watch ZDTV on C-band on their computers at an incredible deal.

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