The Making of a Desk Potato

Graphics Created with Paint Shop Pro The desk potato image was created using a video camera, a Chips and Technology video capture card, the enhanced capture software in the Microsat 150 multimedia satellite receiver from Norsat, and Paint Shop Pro from Jasc, Inc. All html was generated and edited with WinEdit, from Wilson WindowWare.

 Spud at a desk (the talent).
The original image started from a potato (the talent) set on a doll chair with a woodgrain project box in front. This was his last performance, as shortly after this picture was taken he was killed in a freak cooking accident.

Give him a computer and a coffee mug!
The desk set was positioned to match the "desk" in the original image and the equipment was carefully pasted in place, one element at a time. The cup is multiple elements to allow the handle to be transparent. Shadows were then added to the mask channel and applied using a masked color-correction to give the objects "presence".

 Mine eyes are dim I can not see, I have not brought my specs with me...
The original potato's eye was mirrored to produce a "left eye", then the glasses frames were pasted in, in several pieces. The lenses were simulated by applying a "pinch" distortion to the area inside the lenses. To complete the effect, a reflection was added.

Friends, programmers, countrymen, lend me your ears!
The outline of the nose and the left ear and mouth were pasted in from a video image of a human face (guess who's). The elements were color corrected to match the "skin tone" of the potato. A small stretch was applied to add a "chin". Shadows of the glasses, nose and ear and philtrum were added to complete the effect.

 Let's have a big hand for...
To get the arms in the right place, a pose was aligned with the image on the computer screen. The individual arm elements were pasted into place after color correcting (to match skin tone) and perspective adjustment.

 A Desk Potato is born!
After a few final touches such as softening the background, and a right ear (a perspective-tilted mirror of the left ear), the final image is complete.

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