The historic, original Desk Potato Home Page, by Don Lekei was launched in late 1993. Now, after years of absense, it has been returned to it's original url.
Portrait of a Desk Potato

If the style of this site seems a bit dated, remember that this site is circa 1994 with minimal changes to preserve the original look.

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The Desk Potato Home Page
The 80's had the "Couch Potato" (solanum tuberosum video locus), then as we came to the end of the last century, modern computer technology created a new improved version...

The “Desk Potato”! (solanum tuberosum computare locus)
The Desk Potato Home Page has been enhanced with all new content and links! Be sure to click on the links to explore the reaches of spud-space. This site has been enhanced with 10% freshly squeezed information and 23% information from concentrate.

In addition to the updated classic test, be sure to check the new The Desk Potato's Food Guide, the The Desk Potato Caffeine Guide and more!

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